The Google call

One of my dreams? Working for Google. It has to be like SW Engineer paradise. Or very close.

I talked to one recruiter back in January, and she found I didn’t have enough *recent* coding experience as to go through the selection process.  As a mid-manager in a tech company, you don’t get to code. My company culture frowns upon “developers”, seeing by many as the lower cast.  Now, I ‘lead’ a group of contracted force, who write some SW for us.

I keep a kind of mental score on the people around me. I’m better than most, some are above, few are equal. In that scale, two of my SW dev’s score equals and waaaay below.  How do I know? Well, this guy spent about 3 weeks trying some low-level protocol communication to a Zigbee device and didn’t get it to work. In view of a coming deadline, I took the project home for a weekend, and got it working on a Sunday afternoon.  That counts as a steep difference, right?

Now, the ironic part: these 2 guys get called by Google for an interview.   Where is the fairness in life?



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How to manage your head?

In my -now continuous- effort to sharpen the saw, I’m now going through tons of blogs and info particularly on Big Data and Scala as a OO+Functional hybrid.

The hard thing to do is to balance the tons of ideas and cravings for knowledge with the limitations of time. I want to try everything. Just ran a Cassandra instance this afternoon.    I want to get some  Akka prototype running. I want to get the IOIO working with my Android device…

Way too much at once.

How to dose all this?… and get something done on the way? The ugly side of this “want-it-all-at-once” attitude is that I spend most of the time multitasking… jumping from one topic to another. And no concrete results. Leaves me tired.

Any suggestions on how to dose this ” get up-to-date program? ”



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Moving on…

Rebooting my career? I really hope so.

So I found a new position as Senior SW engineer at a major Consumer Electronics company. Nice stuff.

I’m glad to move on. I hope to find faster, greater, smarter colleagues over there.

Conclusion: Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I had to accept a slight financial downgrade to get doing the things I like.

Still several weeks before I can get to my new chair. Can’t wait.


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Scala Fever

December 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Lately, as part of my ‘sharpen the saw’ program, I’ve learning Scala.

Last night, I tried the 3n+1 problem before going to bed.

def cycleLength(n:Int):Int = {
def weirdAlg(x:Int, y:Int):Int = {
if (x==1) y
else {
if (x%2 != 0) weirdAlg(3*x+1,y+1) else weirdAlg(x/2,y+1)

This winter has been hard and our kids got the flu a week ago. They contaminated me. In the middle of last night I developed high fever and I got into some kind of delirium: I got lost dreaming in a recursive time function. Pretty weird.


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I’m not alone

December 24, 2010 Leave a comment

This post of Mark Freedman has an incredible check-list on how it feels to be a misplaced technical guru, lost in corporate translation.

Thanks Mark for making it so crystal clear!



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